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Young Justice fans problem #241: Everyone acting like Bart is Jaime’s best friend ever, when Tye has been his friend for who knows how long

Request by Anonymous

Image source: Bentfire

Young Justice fans problem #240: Today being the last chance to use “Today’s the day” in a looooong time

Request by withnocommonsense

Image source: Bentfire

I apologize for being so late with this.. it just hurts too much to..  TTnTT
next opportunity is probably when the game gets released.. 

Young Justice fans problem #239: whitewashing in canon

Request by thesouffleegirl

"I’m looking at you, people who whitewash Artemis in the official comic. She does NOT have blue eyes, for one…"

Image source: Issue #7 Rabbit Holes [Penciled by Christopher Jones | Inked by Dan Davis | Colored by Zac Atkinson]

Young Justice fans problem #238: Lack  of Koy in season two

Request by likeappletrees

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Young Justice fans problem #237: never getting to see Jason’s tenure as Robin on-screen

Request by thesouffleegirl

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Young Justice fans problem #236: The last minutes of the ‘Runaways’

Request by rockinchika 

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Young Justice fans problem #235: Whenever coming across the word ‘Mount’ internally adding ‘Justice’ and sobbing

Request by Anonymous

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Young Justice fans problem #234: Being one of the only ones who ships Kaldur/Dick, and people hating you for it because it gets in the way of their ships

Request by Anonymous

If not the ONLY one.

I see chemistry between them, and I’m practically burned at the fandom stake for it :/

Image source: Bentfire

Young Justice fans problem #233: Now in Invasion understanding why Zatanna and Raquel were never added to the intro

Image source: Bentfire

Young Justice fans problem #232: Fans blaming what happened to Kaldur on Nightwing because he didn’t tell the whole team, when it was M’gann who brain blasted him.

Request by Anonymous

How is it Nightwing’s fault she is crossing lines and destroying people’s minds? That is on her.

Image source: Bentfire

Young Justice fans problem #231: Tigress’ voice

Request by recognizedrobinb20 

Image source: Bentfire

Young Justice fans problem #230: How outtimidating TT!Slade looks compared to our Deathstroke

Image source: Bentfire

I actually laughed at TT!Slade after seeing ‘The Fix’.

Young Justice fans problem #229: Being lost with all the ship names

Request by Anonymous

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YJ Ship name Directory:


  • Acrobats: //Check DickBabas//
  • Alpha Squad: M’gannxCassiexBarbaraxKaren, origin: S02E05
  • Angelfish: M’gannxLa’gaan
  • Apple Laxative: //Check Superbeetle//, origin: S02E04
  • Article: //Check Frostbite//
  • Aster: DickxConner, status: rarely used, origin: S01E05


  • Baby Magic: KlarionxZatanna, origin: S01E19
  • Birdflash: DickxWally  [also Freshness]
  • Bluepulse: BartxJaime [also Chicken Whizees, and Speedbuggy]


  • Chalant: DickxZatanna
  • Cheshroy: //Check Redcat//
  • Chicken Whizees: //Check Bluepulse// origin: S02E08


  • Da Night: DickxKhaji Da(Jaime’s scarab) [also Flawless]
  • DickBabs: DickxBarbara(Batgirl) [also Execute, and Acrobats]


  • Electric limbo: TimxBart, status: really rare; origin: S02E06 [also Hummingbird]
  • Execute: //Check Dickbabs// origin: S02E10


  • Flash Chaos: //Check Klash//
  • Flashspell: WallyxZatanna, origin: x
  • Flawless: //Check Da Night//
  • Free Services: Lex (Luthor)xClone!Roy rare ship, origin: S01E10
  • Freshness: //Check Birdflash// origin: Issue #13
  • Frostbite: ArtemisxCameron(Icicle Jr.)
  • Full Arsenal: Lex (Luthor)xoriginal!Roy, rare ship, origin: S02E08


  • Gamma Squad: JaimexTimxLa’gaan,  origin: S02E01
  • Ginger Trio: Wally/M’gann/Roy
  • Guardianbee: MalxKaren(Bumblebee)


  • Hummingbird: //check electric limbo//


  • Impulsecret: ImpulsexSecret


  • Jabberwocky: Adam StrangexAlanna, origin: S02E02
  • Jetfuel: ConnerxRaquel


  • Klash: KlarionxWally [also Flash Chaos]
  • Koy: //Check Royfriend&Aquawife//


  • Longshot: Artemisxclone!Roy, origin: S01E23


  • Mazahs: ZatannaxBilly(Captain Marvel), origin: Shazam backwards
  • Megally: //Check MissFlash//
  • MissFlash: WallyxM’gann
  • Museum heist: DickxArtemisxWally, origin: “Rob Wall Art”


  • Neverland: ConnerxWendy, The boy who never ages(just like Peter Pan)xWendy 
  • NightFlash: //Checkbirdflash// note: older


  • Omega (squad): //check spitfire// origin: S02E20
  • The Original Spitfire: Kent Nelson(Ex-Doctor Fate)xInza


  • Perfect: Tigress!ArtemisxBlack Manta
  • Powerhouse: ConnerxCassie


  • Querida: Shelly Longshadow(Tye’s mom)/Dr. Dorado Sr.(Ed’s dad) origin: x


  • RedCat: clone!RoyxJade(Cheshire)
  • Reward: //Check Wondergun//
  • Royfriend&Aquawife: Kaldurxclone!Roy [also Koy]
  • Roy squared: The original!Royxclone!Roy


  • SeaArrow: KaldurxArtemis
  • Snaibsel: ArtemisxZatanna, origin: lesbians backwards
  • Snowcones: Cameron (Icicle Jr.)xWally, rare ship
  • Souvenir: status: rare, //Check Spitfire//
  • Speedbuggy: variation/s; Speedbug, Speedybug, Speedybuggy, //Check Bluepulse//
  • Spitfire: WallyxArtemis [also Souvenir, WallArt, and Omega] Good to check: ‘The Original Spitfire’, origin: S01E07
  • Superbeetle: JaimexConner
  • SuperCanary: ConnerxDinah(Black Canary), rare ship
  • Superflash: ConnerxWally
  • Supermage: ConnerxZatanna
  • Supermartian: ConnerxM’gann
  • Symbiosis: ArtemisxKaldurxM’gann, about hundred ways to spell, origin: S02E13


  • Team Headbands: TyexAsami
  • TimKon: TimxConner origin: comic fandom
  • Torpedo: RaquelxKaldur
  • Traught: DickxArtemis origin: S01E12


  • Vest Duo: EdxAsami


  • WallArt: //Check Spitfire//
  • Whiterabbit: Connerx Artemis
  • Wonderbeetle: JaimexCassie
  • Wonderbird: CassiexTim
  • Wonderchum: CassiexLa’gaan
  • Wondergun: CassiexOriginal!Roy [also Reward]

Feel free to add more because there’s no way I could get them all :’DD

NOTE: “origin” means ship name’s origin not ship’s. althought that’s the same thing almost everytime

Last update: 3/20/13 10.15 EDT

Young Justice fans problem #228: About hundred ways to spell “together” in Atlantean

Image source: Bentfire

See how skillfully I avoided spelling it?